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Band Repair

Band Repair


We would like to say we can work on any instrument, but some instruments are made in such a way that no matter how good a repair technician may be, he or she cannot repair it to an acceptable level. These instruments are basically disposable. The following are brand name instruments our repair shop(s) will work on. If it is not one of these listed, we would have to inspect the individual instrument to see if it is repairable.


Armstrong Accent Artley Bach
Besson Buffet Benge Blessing
Buescher Buffet Bundy Cannonball
Conn Emerson Fox Gemeinhardt
Getzen Holton Jupiter King
Knilling LeBlanc Scheibner Scherl & Roth
Selmer St. Petersburg Vito Yamaha

Guitar Repair

Guitar Repair

Our experienced combo staff is more than capable of repairing guitars. We will work on any of the brands that we carry in-store, but even if your guitar/bass is not one of those brands we still might be able to work on it and possibly get parts. Be sure to bring your instrument to your local Tarpley Music, and let us take a look at it. Brands that we carry in-store, both acoustic and electric guitars:

Fender Ibanez Epiphone Gretsch
PRS Martin Taylor Yamaha
Jackson Duesenberg Jay Turser Peavey

Electronic Repair

Electronic Repair

Our Electronic Repair Technician, Martin, is located at our store in Lubbock, TX. Electronics is a whole different ballgame when it comes to getting things repaired. Most all manufacturers will only supply electronic technicians with parts if he/she is certified to work on their gear. So this means that we don't make the rules when it comes to electronic repair, the manufacturers do. Martin currently has the certification and permission to do warranty work on the brands listed below:

Peavey Korg Fender Roland
Yamaha VOX JBL Pro
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New merchandise carries the original warranty issued by the manufacturer. Used merchandise carries a 30-day warranty through Tarpley Music, unless otherwise specified.

There are no warranties for the following items:

Strings (Guitar, Bass, Orchestra) Drumheads Drumsticks Reeds

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Tarpley Music welcomes your questions or comments regarding the statements and policies on this page. If you believe that Tarpley Music has not adhered to the items stated on this page, please contact Tarpley Music at:

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