We have worked closely with your student's music director(s) to develop our "Instrument Rental Program" to provide the exact instrument, book, care supplies, and repair coverage to give your student the best chance to succeed in music.


Complete the payments and the instrument is yours to keep. We finance the instrument and don't charge you interest.


We'll take care of the routine repairs, accidental damages, and provide coverage in case of loss due to fire or theft. *Additional Fee(s) Paid Each Month


At any point during the rental you can choose to pay off your instrument in full, saving 30% off the existing balance.


No long-term commitment. Simply return the instrument back to any Tarpley Music location to end your rental contract.

For those joining Orchestra

With Orchestra instruments it is very important to select the correct instrument size so that playing is as easy and comfortable as possible. We've built a guide in the tab below to show you how to properly size your student for the Orchestra Instrument that they've been assigned, whether that is Violin, Viola, or Cello. This will be a necessary step for choosing the correct size instrument in the next section.

Using a tape measure or yardstick, measure the distance between the middle of the left-hand palm and the player's neck. Lift the left arm and extend it fully to the side, palm facing upward, fingers flat and straight out. Place the yardstick under the chin, touching the neck and then determine the measurement from the neck to the center of the palm. Don’t allow for any slack. Once you have the size in inches, use the size charts, below, to determine the student's size. Note: For players in between sizes, always select the smaller size

Violin Measurements


Less than 14 1/4β€³
14 1/2β€³ – 15 1/2β€³
15 3/4β€³ – 16 1/2β€³
16 3/4β€³ – 18 1/2β€³
18 3/4β€³ – 20”
20 1/4β€³ – 21 1/2β€³
21 3/4β€³ – 23”
23 1/4β€³ and over

Instrument Size

1/32 size Violin
1/16 size Violin
1/10 size Violin
1/8 size Violin
1/4 size Violin
1/2 size Violin
3/4 size Violin
4/4 size Violin

Viola Measurements


18 3/4β€³ – 20”
20 1/4β€³ – 21 1/2β€³
21 3/4β€³ – 23”
23 1/4β€³ – 24 1/2"
24 7/8β€³ – 25 5/8β€³
25 7/8β€³ – 26 3/8β€³
26 3/8β€³ – 27 1/8β€³
Over 27 1/4β€³

Instrument Size

11β€³ Viola
12” Viola
13” Viola
14” Viola
15β€³ Viola
15 1/2β€³ Viola
16β€³ Viola
16.5β€³ Viola

Cello Measurements


18” - 20β€œ
20” - 22β€œ
22” - 24β€œ
24” or Over

Instrument Size

1/4 size Cello
1/2 size Cello
3/4 size Cello
4/4 size Cello

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