Frequently Asked Questions

Instrument Rentals

This depends on whether your child stays in band. If your child stays in band, buying an instrument outright would be the least expensive option. You would pay more upfront, but you would avoid the future lease fees that would occur on a rental plan. One benefit of renting is if your child does not continue in band, then you are only responsible for the money spent during the rental period. Tarpley Music has an outstanding rental/purchase plan that allows for return of an instrument at any time. Of course, if you pay through the entire rental term you will then own the instrument.
If you buy a quality name-brand instrument, it will always have some value as long as it is in good condition. If you decide to sell it, there are students joining band every year who will be looking for an instrument to purchase. Some music stores also purchase or trade instruments. Remember, stores will look to buy any used instrument at wholesale value, because they have to then resell and warranty the instrument.
Yes. At Tarpley Music, you can exchange your instrument at any time during the first fifteen months, for another instrument equal or greater value and not lose the principal you have already paid, as long as you are current on your account.
It is your option, but we believe that it offers a great value as a precaution for beginners. There are many small moving parts in most musical instruments. In the hands of a beginner, unintentional damage can occur which could result in costly repairs. Everyday use of the instrument and normal wear and tear can also necessitate some minor adjustments from time to time. No manufacturer, at any level, has made a band instrument that doesn't need maintenance and eventual repair during it useful life.